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So anyone else find themselves sitting on the couch more than getting it done this winter?
I feel the need for a project to get me stiring!
Really loving blue paint at the moment too!
Wonder if there is a correlation….
I did start a sideboard in blue this week.
Pop in the shop to see all the beautiful versions of blue paint!

Country Chic Paint Conference and Seals

I am a big believer in professional conferences for business. I come back full of ideas with my batteries recharged. I have tried to attend at least one framing conference every year since I opened my shop and I have even been to SEMA an automotive related trade show. Last year when Country Chic Paint announced they were having a conference in Victoria Canada I was interested but reserved a bit.

Did I really need to go to a paint conference even if it seemed to be in a beautiful place that I had never been or even considered going? How big a part of my business was paint and did I really want to grow that side of my business. I did consider those things, it was not inexpensive to go but……then I saw a You Tube video on Victoria! Well that was it I wanted a vacation and I signed up!

WOW! What a good move that was! Not only did Victoria live up to being a beautiful city that I would tell anyone to visit, not only did I see cherry trees in full glorious bloom but I also walked on a beach and fed a seal! The conference was hands down the best money I have ever spent on a conference and I had a short vacation in a beautiful city full of friendly people….and seals!
The demos were fun and new, with new product and techniques and the business speakers were inspiring. I found out behind the scenes internet stuff I needed to improve. I met new great like minded paint crazy friends.

Why do I tell you this instead of just implementing what I learned form the Country Chic team and their line up of top notch speakers? Why don’t I just show you the new product when it comes in?

Because what I came away with first and foremost is what I have always said about the people of Country Chic Paint….they take good care of me as a retailer and they are constantly asking me what they can do to help me with my business.

So I have many ideas on ways to make workshops more fun, how to promote my paint better and how to share new paint techniques but what matters most is I  know  that taking care of you all, my friends and customers, is what I need to keep doing!

So tell me what you are interested in, let me know what I can do to help you be it painting or framing related. You can reach me all of the regular ways and I would love to hear your thoughts.

I hope you will stop in and see all the great new things and my display of photos and paint technique samples from the conference. And you know that you are always invited to stop in for a chat and pet the shop cat, Dude. We are here to take good care of you because you are our business!

Thanks Mikki and Dude

If you have not been to the shop in a bit or are new to my shop you might not know about The Dude. We now have a shop ambassador of purr and he welcomes any and all to come by and see him.
Dude spends most of the day napping on the chairs or windowsill but will wake up when someone comes in. Be aware he thinks everyone comes to see him and he thinks they need to pet him.
Come in and check out what we do here and meet The Dude! Read more



I was honored and thrilled to win a second place ribbon and Judges Award this year in the International Framing  Open competition.

This photo is with two of my great friends from Massachusetts who took First Place in Print competition.

I will be posting a blog of the process that led to creating my piece soon.

3 more ribbons!

I won 3 more ribbons in International Framing competition last month including People’s Choice!

MCPFlogoR_medI am proud to announce that I just got back from Las Vegas where I passed the industries highest certification the Master Certified Picture Framer exam. There are less than 60 MCPF’s in the world and I am one of two in Tennessee and the other one no longer has a shop.

A panel of judges took apart five frames I submitted and checked each and every detail to make sure that I had used all the best practices to frame the four items submitted. A work of art on paper, canvas and a needlework as well as an object are required.

My needlework framing received an almost perfect score! Something almost impossible at this level! The only way they could judge more closely is with a microscope!

I took the test for myself to learn to the highest level of framing but the benefit to you is you will know I know how to do it right! Does not mean everything needs to be framed to high conservation standards, kid rooms still need posters, but I can and will when needed!

Please stop in the shop anytime and see the framed pieces anytime.




I have added several new items in the gift shop area of the shop including Optari totes. These are great fun summer totes in bright colors. Great for beach or diaper/kid bags. Or just because they are fun.

Also new in mugs from Thor of Fragrant Mushroom in Sparta! These mugs come in several great glazes and are only $10.00!

Lenny and Eva Jewelry is flying out the door so I get a new selection often. Come in and see these great pieces soon!

2010 International Framing Competition

Frame Shop sent two entries to the Professional Picture Framers Competition in Anaheim, California.

The conference and competition was held at the Anaheim Convention Center a beautiful location just a couple of blocks from Disney.

Mikki had an entry in the Print Competition, where all framers framed the same piece of art, and in the Open Competition, where anything goes.

I am happy to report both pieces brought home awards!

In Print, an abstract painting of a guitar named “Hot Rod Guitar”, Mikki won a Judges Award for “Use of Green or Recycled Framing.”  The inspiration for this piece came from a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame with her nephew Zac. The frame is made from end cut wood blocks assembled to make the frame and finished with stain and wax.

The Open piece was created with shop shorts and various paint techniques. The art was from Tumblefish Studio, and allowed Mikki to let her imagination go wild with many painted elements. The Judges awarded this one an award for “Innovative Design and Hand Painted Finishes.”

Both of the pieces are back in the shop and can be viewed anytime.

Next years competition piece has been chosen and the wheels are turning…stay tuned for more info on this piece.

Competition Results!

I just returned fromm a Professional Picture Framers conference in Louisville, KY and I am excited to say I came home with two blue ribbons for both of the pieces I entered! While I can not show you photos of the winning frames yet I can invite you to see them at the shop. These pieces can not be photographed until after they are judged in Las Vegas in January of 2013 at the International Framing Competition.

I was also able to attend classes taught by some of the top framers in the industry on several different topics.  I have already started implementing some of there great suggestions in the shop this morning!

Please stop in soon and see all the new things in the shop!



Mikki’s Frame Shop has a gift area where you can find many unique items. From Pottery to jewelry, from candles to handmade soaps, Mikki finds new items to add to the shop all the time.

A new item in is handmade metal belt buckles form Fosterweld an artist from Indianapolis.

You can also find a great selection of art cards. Many local artists as well as Curly Girl cards ans Studio B cards are available

Stop in and come back often as the selection changes!

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